Local Publications

With two major players in the Ocean City, Maryland, competition gets heated to get the best photo and videos of OC fishing action. Anglers in Ocean City have been picking up the print publication of the Coastal Fisherman since the early 90’s. Owner Larry Jock passed away in 2020 and the historic fishing publication turned to new owner Larry Budd. You can pick up an issue of the Coastal Fisherman all over town for free in participating businesses to see the weekly photos and articles about inshore and offshore fishing. 

Currently the major online player in the Ocean City fishing community is FISH IN OC operated by local celebrity Scott Lenox. Make sure to visit the associated online version of “FISH IN OC“as well, It is filled with original content including reports, articles, and local resources. The Fish in OC print publication features many of the top Ocean City head boats, guide boats, and sport fishing charter boats. Most likely the best and most current fishing report their website. With strategic relations with the Ocean City television series “Hooked on OC”. Lenox brings viewers a local perspective on Mid-Atlantic fishing, covering inshore & offshore information. Dave Messick’s Hooked on OC production (owner of Unscene Productions) uses combined efforts produce the unsurpassed fishing content year round for OC anglers.