Ocean City Inshore Private Guides

Book a charter with a private bay guide in Ocean City, Maryland. Average max number of anglers on inshore fishing trips is 4-6. These boats fish tidal areas of the bays and rivers and some offer wreck fishing not far offshore. 

Fill the box on one of our two OCMD bay charter boats. Prepare for a fun-filled day catching flounder, rockfish, tautog, bluefish, seabass, trout, red drum, black drum and other species of the bay. Some charters also offer true eastern shore experiences in the shellfish department. they will bring you to the best clamming and crabbing grounds throughout the season. Split your trip up and fill your table with a seafood delight!

Ocean City Bay Fishing and Guide Boats

The bite in on in the bays of Ocean City, Maryland and Assateague. Fall, spring and summer provide some of the best bay fishing on the east coast right here in OCMD. Ocean City bay fishing guide charters are normally 18′ to 25′ boats that take smaller groups on the water to fish for flounder, sea-bass, striped bass and more.

Bay Fishing Booking

Prices range from boat to boat but each one offers a different experience. Captain Nick Clemente bay fishing runs two boats ( Get Sum & Ivy Sea) in town and is extremely popular with family fishing as well as experienced anglers. He is on the water almost every day and provides a complete on the water experience including clamming and crabbing. Captain Brian Behe widens the scope on the Buffalo Hunter taking anglers to the fish up and down the Maryland and Virginia coast. Choose your boat and get on the bay for an unforgettable experience.



Flounder is the main show during the late spring all the way through the first weeks of October. Earlier and later in the season is typically the best time for the biggest fish, but all summer the action is hot and heavy on our inshore private guides. Although the common way to target flounder is to drift and drag your bait on the floor of the bay, its not uncommon for charters catch them while casting at the bridges or even in a crab trap! Flounder is a light flakey fish when cooked and excellent fried, grilled or broiled. Flounder limits and sizes seem to change every year. Our Captain try’s to target areas that are more productive and that others have a hard time finding or navigating to. Our boats are perfect for this type of fishing as they can float over shallow waters and have the perfect amount of room for all anglers to drop a line.



Rockfish, striper, striped bass. Whatever you call them they are here in OC and our charters will hunt them down for you! Stripers, locally known as Rockfish, are an almost year round query.  While the biggest fish are typically caught in the late fall and winter months during their migration, a savvy angler always stands of catching one.
Striper charter out on the eastern shore are popular year round but our bay guide fall trips are the most popular on the Get Sum. Early mornings on the Ivy Sea are a great way to pick them off of the 50 bridge as well as the inlet rocks. Several techniques are used ranging from casting to live bait. 
If you are looking to get on the bay we do have several other fishing options including headboats, pontoon rentals and fishing boat rentals.